Unique Solutions

for the front office & bank counter

Front Office

Next to solutions for the ATM Sector (ATM Management, ATM Application, ATM Development) SBS also offers solutions for the front office (pass book printers, automated teller safes, card readers/writers, cash drawers).

With KIXBranch we offer a solution for controlling these peripheral devices of the front office (the so-called "branches" of a bank). Based on KIXBranch a new solution for the bank counter was developed.


KIXBranch offers a very wide range of possible applications because this is where multi-vendor support and network functionality meet. Consequently e.g. all passbook printers can be controlled from all counter work stations wirh standardized interfaces.

Next to the possibilty of addressing KIXBranch via Eclipse plugins, one can also access the peripheral devices via J/XFS interface and from older LANDP applications by using our product option KIXcprb.

For instance it is possible to run a central server for peripheral devices to which all units are connected in a network, or share each locally connected device (printer, ACT, ...) with other workstations. Because every peripheral device can be made available within the network, it is easy to implement solutions that ensure reliability. If for example a printer fails then with the help of KIXBranch another printer which is also available (remote) within the network can be used.

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Bank Counter (Bankschalter)

SBS uses the platform KIXBranch to develop an application that offers additionally to common functions for checking accounts, saving accounts and foreign currencies many other function that aim at usability and fast, efficient and therefore cost-effective processing of office transactions.

The bank counter is based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform and addresses banks as well as computer centres and IT system houses that are in search of a front office solution.

Generally the target group is banks that predominantly attend to private and/or small businesses, still use older, complicated front office solutions, want a modern and - most important - simple interface that minimizes training requirements and maloperation, don't want to give up offline operation, want to share devices in the network such as printers, automated teller safes and others, do not want an integrated overall solution, as they want to keep the front office section separate from the other business units such als advisory and credits.


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