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KIXXtensions Overview

KIXXtensions are a modular development platform for self-service applications that includes all bank transactions in the self-service area e.g. cash withdrawal, cash deposit, statement printing, transfers or standing orders.

KIXXtensions form a base for the development of individual applications and provide a starting point for further development. Being technologically up-to-date, they guarantee high quality of standard products. They are multivendor and well proven - by now about 140 different manufacturer models and their variations were integrated successfully. Moreover, they are certifiable and used thousandfold in the field.

Approximately 65,000 self-service terminals are operated on the basis of KIXXtensions at the moment.
KIXXtensions also form the base for our ATM standard application KIXCustomer.

© Luigi Caputo


© Luigi Caputo