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SBS Remote Control

Teamviewer ( offers an All-In-One Solution for Remote Support and Remote Access.

SBS uses Teamviewer’s Remote Support / Access in order to offer their customers quick and uncomplicated help without the necessity of being on site. With the help of Teamviewer the assisting SBS employee is allowed remote control of your PC. He can see what you have on your monitor as if he were sitting next to you und can operate your PC remotely using his own mouse and keyboard.

Of course you can watch each of his actions on your own monitor as well. If necessary you can also set actions with your mouse and keyboard.

This way problems can be analyzed and solved quickly and uncomplicatedly.
So as to make it as easy for you as possible to use Teamviewer (there is no installation needed to use it!), SBS offers its own & simple download link.

Each passcode can only be used once. It is not possible for the SBS employee to reconnect with your PC, unless you generate a new (ID and) passcode and pass them on to the SBS employee again.

Legal Notice:
The file that is made available within the SBS website for this purpose was taken from Teamviewer’s official website: