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KIXOperator Distributor

SBS simplifies workflows at PSA Payment Services Austria GmbH by a deeper integration of an automated software distributor on all self-service devices

Success Story

PSA Payment Services Austria GmbH is market leader in providing transaction services in Austria. SBS has supported the smooth operation of 600 ATMs running on PSA software with standard software products that are individualized for the PSA ATM system.

Since October 2019, the KIXOperator Distributor has been helping with the efficient workflows and high-level security of the self-service devices.

An SBS solution for greater efficiency and security
With KIXOperator Distributor, SBS provides a field-tested product capable of quickly updating thousands of self-service devices remotely, reducing the Rollout phase to a few days and guaranteeing the device’s security. The need for service technicians on-site can be immensely reduced.

Having a modular design, this system can be individually customized for the specific needs of a software deployment. With these benefits, PSA chose to utilize KIXOperator Distributor to deploy regular releases and to simplify the special requirement deployments of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) releases.

David Ostah, CEO, PSA Payment Services Austria GmbH
“The KIXOperator Distributor complements our business processes very well.
With the same employee efforts, rollouts can be finished much faster by reducing the installation process.”

Successful Completion
By successfully expanding KIXOperator, used at PSA, with the new features of KIXOperator Distributor, a seamless workflow was created to distribute software packages and to substantially optimize business processes within PSA.

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