Success Story

Additional security on all 5,400 ATMs at Raiffeisen Banking Group

Deploying security features without on site user intervention

Mag. Stefan Sandberger, COO at Raiffeisen Landesbank in Upper Austria
"This not only significantly reduces the lead time of a rollout, but also makes an important contribution to environmental protection.
The reduction in trips to individual devices at different locations supports the banks in reducing their CO2 emissions."


The first step was to examine all the possibilities of the new Windows 10 security features and their compatibility with self-service devices. The key factor here was good contact with Microsoft experts in the form of workshops and direct support. After analyzing the device inventory, an individual, a customized concept was designed in close cooperation with the device manufacturers.

Particularly challenging was an automatic migration from legacy BIOS to UEFI BIOS without any user intervention as well as the implementation of new security features. This required careful design and an extensive testing phase.

All new security features were integrated into the SBS solutions KIXOperator Distributor and KIXOperator and could thus be rolled out to the self-service devices of the Raiffeisen Banking Group smoothly and without user access in the field.

An SBS solution for more efficiency and security

With its KIXOperator Distributor solution, SBS offers a field-proven product that is capable of remotely updating several thousand self-service devices in a short time. The modularly designed system can be individually and individually adapted to the respective needs of a device installation. There is no need for a service technician to be deployed on site directly at the self-service device.

Successful completion

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the SBS experts and the cooperative partnership of all project members involved, the challenging goal has been achieved: the additional security features were successfully rolled out to all 5,400 self-service devices. On-site deployment directly at the self-service device was not necessary. Since then, all the upgraded self-service devices support the latest security standards which reinforce the trust of their users.

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